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Judo 101 lessons and advanced techniques
Wow Here we are again with a new martial art a new self defence sport and
a new lesssons. I am sure you are instersted by judo, either you are just willing to
start or have years of practice you can find very helpful tips advices and lessons.
Starting by what is judo and ending by ijf advanced techniques very well explained
You can thank me in the comments and by sharing after yes after having fun discovering
all the training and the body weigh exercises for judo also the throwing techniques
you will enjoy for free.
- How to Learn Judo
- Judo Training
- Learn Self Defense
- Judo Throwing Techniques
- Body Weight Exercises for Judo
- Belt Levels in Judo
- Basic Techniques
- Grappling
- Hand techniques
- Hip techniques
- Foot techniques
- Rear sacrifice techniques
- Side sacrifice techniques



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